Shipping your product is about more than just code.
It’s about building you the right team, avoiding product launch pitfalls, helping you make the right calls on thousands of micro-decisions, setting you up for long-term success...
then it’s about building and shipping a great MVP.
The average launch journey
You have a great idea, so you hire some devs. They don’t work out, so you hire some more. Then bumps in the road happen and you drift off course. Finally, you say “let’s ship it now and fix it later.
It’s no secret that the only thing harder than coming up with a great idea is finding great, reliable developers. But even with the greatest developers, launching a product is hard work without the know-how, experience and “been-there-done-that-ness“ of an experienced engineering and product team.
The Piton Labs way
You have a great idea. We help you define, design and build a launch-ready product as quickly as possible, dodging pitfalls along the way. Then we assemble you a team and set you up for long-term success.
We’re not just a code shop. We’re a team of seasoned product pros who have worked as lead engineers, CTOs and product leads for start-ups and projects for the last 20 years. In that time, there’s no challenge we haven’t faced or problem we haven’t solved, and we use that experience to help set you on the path to success.
"Piton is an ideal partner for start-ups—They are expert developers providing outstanding communication, and software that gets the job done."
Rebecca Wolkoff, CTO
Getting you to the stage where you don’t need an agency anymore
When you work with Piton Labs, you’re not just hiring us to build a great product. You’re also hiring us to solve problems, build a team and use our experience to steer you away from stumbling blocks. Along the way, we’ll also help you establish internal processes and culture for success, save you hours of headaches and confusion and hire you an all-star team of developers too.

In other words, you’re hiring us to help you skip straight past the “frustrating growing pain” stage and jump right to “standout product with a great in-house team” stage.
  • Decades of product development expertise working on your launch
  • In-house team of senior+ devs to build your MVP
  • Extensive network of product pros and devs to grow your team
Go from idea to MVP fast
Setting you up for success
From honing your idea and defining the scope to validating the product and outlining the features, we’ll make sure you’re building something that has product-market fit and that sets you up with a solid foundation for growth.
Building out your product
Every single one of our in-house devs has at least 5+ years experience building products at the highest level. And we’re tech-agnostic, so we’ll only use the tech and tools that are the right for your project and team.
Giving you the tools to grow
A great product doesn’t exist in a vaccuum. That’s why we’ll help you build a team, define processes and build an internal culture that sets you up to scale fast and succeed quickly.
"Literally the best software engineers I’ve ever worked with, and they are really productive. I can’t recommend them enough, especially for the tough stuff."
Haytham Elhawary
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