Client Testimonial

VoyceMe, the first English language manga production, hosting, and social networking site

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VoyceMe had found their product/market fit but were having trouble meeting the new demand we jumped in and stablized their site in just a few days, unblocking their growth and allowing them to raise their next round.


What they do

VoyceMe provides users with a platform where they can post their original manga, webtoons, and webcomics and read other users’ content. The site is adding social interaction capabilities so creators can monetize their original content.


The Project

Review of the platform’s original code base, which was created by an outsourced development firm; design and development of new, stable, scalable platform; server hosting assessment and recommendations; onboarding of newly hired VoyceMe tech team


Why us

Ability to quickly and efficiently complete project; skill and experience developing a scalable platform to support the client’s rapid growth


Client Testimonial

What VoyceMe has to say about working with Pitonlabs.

Dylan Telano, Founder

“We initially used an outsourced development firm to create our platform, but we were growing extremely quickly and the platform had two serious problems—it wasn’t stable and was crashing frequently and it wasn’t scalable. ”

Dylan Telano, CEO Voyce.Me

Fixing those issues very quickly was essential to our ability to grow and raise our next round of funding. Initially, we hired Piton Labs to review the platform’s code base. In the process of that audit, we learned that the original platform wasn’t scalable and had other fundamental functional issues, so we expanded the scope of the engagement and asked the Piton team to redevelop the platform to solve those problems and create a better user experience.

Piton jumped into the project and stabilized our existing platform in just a few days. That allowed us to immediately capitalize on the explosive growth we were experiencing while Piton redeveloped a longer term solution with additional functionality. Our platform handles a huge number of user-generated images and they all have to load quickly while still preserving image quality. Piton set up a cloud architecture that allowed massive scaling with minimal costs and built a stable and extensible platform that allowed us to build a mobile app and more.

They recommended AWS to host our platform to increase stability and the ability to grow seamlessly. In addition to delivering the site, they’ve also provided some maintenance support and helped us once we hired an internal tech team by training them on our new code base.

Communication with the Piton team was clear and consistent. Whenever we identified an issue, they were able to able to fix it quickly, no matter how big an issue it was.

Our new site provides a more seamless posting and discovery experience for creators, as well as a more seamless experience for all readers. And because Piton created a scalable solution, we can now handle an enormous user load. All these improvements have helped us achieve a higher conversion rate.

"Literally the best software engineers I’ve ever worked with, and they are really productive. I can’t recommend them enough, especially for the tough stuff."
Haytham Elhawary
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